RECORD STORE DAY 2019 > Cho Young-Wuk - Thirst - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Cho Young-Wuk

Thirst - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Release Date: 4/13/2019
Format: LP
Label: Beatball Music
Quantity: 400
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


For the first time on vinyl, the soundtrack of director Park Chan-Wook’s 2009 film Thirst has been reissued. Though it wears the facade of a bizarre horror drama, the film itself delves into the foundations of religion, the human act of self-reckoning, and the dilemma between survival and morality faced by a man of the cloth when driven to the brink. The soundtrack was directed by Cho Young-Wuk, a long-time artistic partner of Park Chan-Wook starting from JSA and Oldboy to Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. The tracks feature original score composed based on Bach’s cantatas, as well as old Korean gayo from the 1930 -- 50s. Cho’s team continue to uphold their meticulous musicianship in the compositions and arrangements, while the (seemingly out-of-place) gayo pieces come together with the main score to imbue the film with its bizarre atmosphere.

* First time on vinyl
* Housed in a gatefold jacket with extensive liner-notes by Charlie Brigden
* Newly designed artwork

SIDE A 1 Thirst Cantata 2. Africa 3. Sang-hyun's Prayer 4. Resurrection 5. Just One Sip 6. Lust 7. Bach On Radio 8. Wave of Nostalgia 9. Under a streetlight 10. Sang-hyun 11. Crying at Harbour 12. The Wrong Encounter 13. Gloomy Street 14. On Sundays 15. A Cute Vampire

SIDE B 1. Murder at the Lakeshore 2. Mom, please forgive me 3. I'm nothing 4. A Guilty Conscience 5. Kang-woo Comes Back 6. I want to go to my husband 7. Happy Birthday 8. Tae-ju 9. Mrs. Ra 10. Thirst Cantata with Strings 11. Wave of Nostalgia 12. Sang-hyun's Prayer