BLACK FRIDAY 2019 > Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope

Matt Nathanson

Some Mad Hope


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2019
Release Date: 11/29/2019
Format: LP
Label: Craft Recordings
Quantity: 2000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson’s sixth album, released in August 2007, gets its first vinyl release, on sky-colored vinyl, for RSD Black Friday. 

Side A: 1. “Car Crash” 2. “Come On Get Higher” 3. “Heartbreak World” 4. “Gone” 5. “Wedding Dress” 6. “Bulletproof Weeks”
Side B: 1. “To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts” 2. “Still” 3. “Detroit Waves” 4. “Falling Apart” 5. “Sooner Surrender” 6. “All We Are”