BLACK FRIDAY 2019 > Raymond Scott - The Jingle Workshop: Midcentury Musical Miniatures 1951-1965

Raymond Scott

The Jingle Workshop: Midcentury Musical Miniatures 1951-1965


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2019
Release Date: 11/29/2019
Format: 2 x CD
Label: Modern Harmonic
Quantity: 300
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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Tingling tartness of jingle perfection! In addition to being a pioneer of early electronic music, Raymond Scott generated hymns to hunger, odes to pudding and pilsner, and crafted carols for countless other products, elevating the form of advertisement to an art. If Zappa had written music for commercials, it’s not hard to think his approach would have been similar! This first ever collection contains varied styles in both instrumentation and vocalization, previously unavailable electronic works, and a zine-style insert with rare photos and a reproduction of a 1964 interview with Raymond himself. Products may contain soy, wheat, dairy, or Mel Tormé.

DISC 1: 1. “When You Bake With Gold Medal Flour [Demo]” 2. “The Taste Is Great (Tareyton Cigarettes)” 3. “When You Shop At A Food Town Store [Vocal]” 4. “Move Up To Schlitz” 5. “It’s Compatible (RCA Victor TV)” 6. “Male/Female Scott Family Napkins Themes [Instrumental] 7. Road-Tuned Wheels (Mercury)” 8. “It Outsells Because It Excels (Duquesne Beer)” 9. “Hangover Dirt (Instant Fels Naptha)” 10. “Think Of A Carpet (Masland Carpets) [Instrumental]” 11. “Stop At The Esso Sign [Rehearsal 1]” 12. “S-W-E-L (Swel Frosting)” 13. “Song Of The Milk Bottle Moppets (Glass Container Institute)” 14. “So Good, So Fresh, So Southern (Mel Tormé) (Southern Bread)” 15. “The Tingling Tartness Of Sprite [Instrumental]” 16. “Use Vicks Medicated Cough Drops [Electronic Version]” 17. “Stuckey’s Theme [Vocal]“ 18. “DX Super Boron (Sunray DX Oil Co.) [Demo]” 19. “Vibes & Marimba [Instrumental]” 20. “Miller Beer Theme [Instrumental Rehearsal]” 21. “Uptempo Theme With Vibes [Instrumental]” 22. “The Big M (Mercury)” 23. “Be Happy, Go Lucky (Lucky Strike)” 24. “There’s A Tingle In The Taste (Fitger’s Beer)” 25. “Way Ahead In Flavor / Almost Like Magic (My-T-Fine Pudding)” 26. “Scott Family Napkins Guidance Tracks” 27. “Melonball Bounce (Sprite) [Instrumental]” 28. “Go Greyhound - Leave The Driving To Us” 29. “Today’s Best Buy (Plymouth) [Demo]” 30. “Who Took The Beer? (Hamm’s Beer)” 31. “The Fashion To Be Fashionable (Ford Galaxie)” 32. “Dirty Carburetor #1 & #2 (Atlantic Imperial)” 33. “Bottled Soft Drinks Serenade (Glass Container Institute)” 34. “All-Purpose Breeze [Demo]” 35. “The Only Candy Bar (Fifth Avenue)” 36. “Better Get Some More Beer (Mel Tormé) (Hamm’s Beer)” 37. “Nothing Works Like Listerine” 38. “Let’s Have a Sackful Of Krystals (Krystal Hamburgers)” 39. “Ex-Lax Helps You [Demo]”

DISC 2: 1. “Lady Gaylord (Ideal Toys) [Alternate Instrumental]” 2. “Lilt Home Permanent (Procter & Gamble) [Demo]” 3. “Think Of A Carpet (Masland Carpets) [Vocal]” 4. “Seven-Minute Fluffy (Swel Frosting)” 5. “Super Cheer Detergent (Procter & Gamble)” 6. “Look For That Hotpoint Difference” 7. “Let’s Have A Sackful Of Krystals (Krystal Hamburgers) [Instrumental]” 8. “The Tingling Tartness Of Sprite [Vocal]” 9. “Good News–Here’s Hamm’s Beer” 10. “What’s New, Bokoo? / An Unusual Name” 11. “Buy A Carton Of Lucky Strike” 12. “Right Car, Right Price (Chrysler)” 13. “Wave Your Hair With Hudnut Care (Richard Hudnut)” 14. “It’s The Ice-Creamiest (Russell’s Ice Cream)” 15. “Stuckey’s Theme [Instrumental]” 16. “WQXI Bumper Montage” 17. “Use Vicks Medicated Cough Drops” 18. “Delicate Theme [Instrumental]” 19. “Use Trushay” 20. “Tingle In The Taste (Fitger’s Beer) [Duet]” 21. “The Big Change (RCA Victor TV)” 22. “Use New Instant Autocrat (Autocrat Coffee)” 23. “Hamm’s Beer Theme [Instrumental]” 24. “Trushay Theme 1 [Instrumental]” 25. “DX Super Boron (Sunray DX Oil Co.) [Instrumental]” 26. “Melonball Bounce (Sprite) [Vocal]” 27. “Stop At The Esso Sign [Rehearsal 2]” 28. “Watch The Vibrations Of A Tuning Fork (Bulova Accutron)” 29. “Breeze Along With Ease” 30. “Have A Duke (Duquesne Beer)” 31. “RCA Victor High Fidelity Theme” 32. “RFK, Liz & Dick, Nudity In Movies (Look Magazine)” 33. “When You Shop At A Food Town Store [Instrumental]” 34. “Good News–Here’s Hamm’s Beer (Mel Tormé)” 35. “Best Looking Buys In Each Size (Mercury)” 36. “New Sensations In Sound (RCA Victor TV)” 37. “Make Him A Legend In His Own Time (British Sterling)” 38. “Living Curl / They Did It! (Revlon Hair Spray)” 39. “Lady Gaylord (Ideal Toys) [Trumpet Effects Instrumental]” 40. “Keep On The Go With Atlantic (Atlantic Imperial)” 41. “Look At That Sunbeam Bread! [Demo]” 42. “Tart And Tingling [French Version]” 43. “Trushay Theme 2 [Instrumental]”