BLACK FRIDAY 2019 > Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago/Walkin Blues

Robert Johnson

Sweet Home Chicago/Walkin Blues


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2019
Release Date: 11/29/2019
Format: 10" Vinyl
Label: Traffic Entertainment
Quantity: 1900
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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The impact of Robert Johnson's talent, be it his intense vocals, outstanding guitar skills or masterful songwriting, is still being measured.

As a youth Johnson learned to play the harmonica, and according to Son House, Johnson was pretty good at it. His real ambition was to master the guitar and sometimes during a break when his idols Son House and Willie Brown performed he would pick up one the guitars and try playing it himself annoying his idols. House’s story of the events: “Such a racket you never heard. It’d make the people mad. I’d come back in I’d scold him about it. Don’t do that Robert. You drive the people nuts. You can’t play nothing.”

Driven by the negative response to his inadequate abilities on the guitar, Johnson disappears for a year or two, returning with stunning results as a master of the Mississippi Delta blues style not only absorbing the immediate influences of his mentors but perfecting his craft one step further with unprecedented intensity creating a guitar mastery and expressive vocal emotion that radiates and inspires to this day.

For RSD Black Friday 2019 Traffic Entertainment presents two of Johnson’s most iconic sides as a 78 RPM microgroove record housed in a glorious reproduction of the Vocalion sleeve wrapped in a full color OBI with detailed liner notes.

A Side : “Sweet Home Chicago”
B Side : “Walkin' Blues”