Kona Town


Event: RSD DROPS 2020 - October 24
Release Date: 10/24/2020
Format: LP
Label: Volcom Entertainment
Quantity: 1500
Release type: RSD Drops 2020 Oct 24th

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RSD First - Oct

Pepper’s most popular album was released in 2002 and has been out of print on vinyl fore more than a decade. This RSD 2020 edition is pressed on clear vinyl with a blue splatter. 

Side A: 01 “The Good Thing” 02 ”Stone Love” 03 “Dry Spell” 04 “Face Plant” 05 “Tradewinds” 06 “Stormtrooper” 07 “Ho's”
Side B: 08 “B.O.O.T.” 09 “Give It Up” 10 “Sitting On The Curb” 11 “Too Much” 12 “Tongues” 13 “Office”