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RSD DROPS 2020 > The Groundhogs - Split

The Groundhogs



Event: RSD DROPS 2020
Release Date: 8/29/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Fire Records
Quantity: 1400
Release type: RSD Drops Aug 29th


RSD 'First' Aug

The second of three ground-breaking albums by the ultimate power trio who morphed blues into hard rock and spawned punk. Remastered and packaged with a second disc of out-takes from the original sessions that spawned this spontaneous monster. Split is released on double red vinyl for Record Store Day.

LP 1 SIDE A: 1. Split - Part One 2. Split - Part Two 3. Split - Part Three 4. Split - Part Four

LP 1 SIDE B: 1. Cherry Red 2. A Year In The Life 3. Junkman 4. Groundhog

LP 2, SIDE A: 1. Split - Part one (Instrumental) 2. Split - Part two (Take 3) 3. Split - Part four (Unlisted Take with Overdubbed Guitar)

LP 2, SIDE B: 1. Cherry Red (Number 6 - Re take) 2. A Year In The Life (Instrumental) 3. Split - Part three (Without Intro) 4. Split - Part four (Instrumental)