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RSD DROPS 2020 > Bert Jansch - Live in Italy

Bert Jansch

Live in Italy


Event: RSD DROPS 2020
Release Date: 8/29/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Earth Recordings
Quantity: 450
Release type: RSD Drops Aug 29th


RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Aug

Cat and Mouse, Daybreak, Blues Run The game, Bittern, Kingisher, Come Back Baby, Running From Home, Pretty Saro, Alimony, Avocet, Una Linea Di Dolcezza, Sweet Mother Earth, Angie, Cluck Old Hen ( Unrehearsed Number with Martin Jenkins, Sam Mitchell, and Leo Winkamp Jr, Encore No.1 ( Improvised number with Martin Jenkins, Sam Mitchell and Leo Winkimap Jr), Encore No 2, "Jigs" ( Martin Jenkins Solo )

* Record Store Day 2020 Exclusive Release
* Limited to 1,000 worldwide
* 2 x LP Pressed on black vinyl and housed in a wide spine jacket
* Includes download card

Previously unreleased live recording of Bert Jansch’s stunning concert in Mestre at the Teatro Corso, Italy 1977. The performance also features appearances from Martin Jenkins, Sam Mitchell and Leo Wijnkamp, Jr.