BLACK FRIDAY 2020 > The Beat Farmers - Live at Spring Valley Inn 1983

The Beat Farmers

Live at Spring Valley Inn 1983


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2020
Release Date: 11/27/2020
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Blixa Sounds
Quantity: 1000
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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A twenty-one song, double LP set of The Beat Farmers live in San Diego in 1983, just prior to recording their debut album Tales Of The New West.

1. Never Going Back, 2. Trying To Get To You, 3. Jump Right Back, 4. Lonely Blue Boy, 5. Beat Generation, 6. Selfish Heart, 7. Assembly Line Rock, 8. Lonesome Hound, 9. Dim Lights, Thick Somke And Loud Loud Music, 10. Big River, 11. Showbiz, 12. Sloppy Drunk, 13. Sunday Morning, 14. Reason To Believe, 15. Big Rock Candy Mountain, 16. Big Ugly Wheels, 17. Upsettin' Me, 18. I Still Miss Someone, 19. Lost Weekend, 20. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover, 21. Mondo