RSD DROPS 2021 - June 12 > Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You

Senses Fail

Let It Enfold You


Event: RSD DROPS 2021 - June 12
Release Date: 6/12/2021
Format: LP
Label: Vagrant Records
Quantity: 2500
Release type: RSD Drops 2021 Jun 12th

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June - RSD First

A 25th anniversary edition on Marble Opaque vinyl. 

1. Tie Her Down 2. Lady in a Blue Dress 3. You're Cute When You Scream 4. Buried a Lie 5. Bite to Break Skin 6. Rum is for Drinking, Not For Burning 7. Slow Dance 8. Choke on This 9. NJ Falls into the Atlantic 10. Let It Enfold You 11. The Irony of Dying on Your Birthday 12. Angela Baker and My Obsession with Fire 13. Martini Kiss