RSD DROPS 2021 - July 17 > Pink Freud - Piano Forte Brutto Netto (Deluxe)

Pink Freud

Piano Forte Brutto Netto (Deluxe)


Event: RSD DROPS 2021 - July 17
Release Date: 7/17/2021
Format: LP
Label: Mystic Production
Quantity: 300
Release type: RSD Drops 2021 Jul 17th

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Piano Forte Brutto Netto is the seventh studio album of the Polish group Pink Freud. They are considered an export product of Polish culture and a phenomenon on the world’s jazz scene. The album is a mixture of classic improvisation, electronic sound, drum'n'bass and jungle as well as punk energy. Pink Freud are the world's most rock and roll jazz band.

Together with Record Store Day we proudly present special deluxe edition LP + 7'' - both tracks on single never been released before and ''2021(Record Store Day)'' has been exclusively recorded by the band for customers of independent music stores! Audiophile quality cut at PAULER (Germany)!

A1 - B4 A2 - Pink Porto A3 - Green Grass A4 - Pink Jabol A5 - Full Forward A6 - Pink Pepper

B1 - Radio Pink Freud B2 - Kung Fu Express B3 - Pośladki Niebios B4 - Bom Dia Querida B5 - Pink Sunrise

A1 - Pinda Linda B1 - 2021(Record Store Day) 2:53