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Jetstar Records

The Rock Sides


Release Date: 4/23/2022
Format: LP
Label: Jetstar Records
Quantity: 1500
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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The first-ever compilation of the rare and unissued garage and rockabilly from Jetstar Records! Largely done under the watchful eye of Dale Hawkins (who penned 'Suzie Q') including an unearthed blistering version of Q, lost tracks from the mythical Kenny Baker, coveted cuts from The Floyd Dakil Trio ('Dance Franny Dance'), Arthur K Adams (John Peel fave 'Beetle Bust Out') and more! Pressed on clear vinyl!

1. Susie Q - Dale Hawkins
2. Slippiní And Slidiní - The Five Americans
3. Itís Gonna Work Out Fine - Terry Haynes
4. Look Around - Kenny Baker
5. Dance, Franny, Dance - Floyd Dakil Combo
6. Iím Feeling O.K. - The Five Americans
7. Beetle Bust Out - Arthur K. Adams
8. Little Bird - Dale Hawkins
9. Iím Thru With You - Kenny Baker
10. Look What Youíve Gone And Done - Floyd Dakil Combo
11. Itís You Girl - The Five Americans
12. Youíre Not Here - Kenny Baker
13. Wildwood Flower - Arthur K. Adams
14. Further Down The Line - Terry Haynes
15. Say That You Love Me - The Five Americans
16. Iíll Fly High - Dale Hawkins
17. Iím Gonna Leave Ya - The Five Americans
18. Now You Are Gone - Kenny Baker