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Groovie Ghoulies

40 Years of Kepi & The Groovie Ghoulies


Release Date: 4/20/2024
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Schoolkids Records
Quantity: 900
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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40 Years of Kepi, the Groovie Ghoulies, and Friends is a record collection like none before. It marks the first greatest hits (or any) singular collection of songs by legendary Lookout pop punkers the Groovie Ghoulies, in addition to being a career-spanning collection of songs by lead singer-songwriter Kepi Ghoulie, celebrating forty years in music/entertainment. Kepi has put out almost 28 full length albums, and this 2LP double gatefold release features one track off each, one album of Groovie Ghoulies related tunes, and one album of solo songs featuring members of the Muffs, 7 Seconds, the Slackers, Jeff Rosenstock, and much much more!
Any Kepi - related record always sells out and you will never find his stuff in the used bin! The songs are timeless and fun, and have been covered by the likes of Nikki Corvette, AJJ, Jeff Rosenstock, Kevin Seconds and more! This release will be treasured by fans and collectors for years to come! This Record Store Day 2024 release has sides A/B on Opaque Orange vinyl and sides C/D on opaque purple color vinyl.

A1. Flying Saucer Rock n Roll - Day In Day Out
A2. Appetite for Adrenochrome - The Blob
A3. Born In The Basement - The Beast With 5 Hands
A4. World Contact Day - Running With Bigfoot
A5. Re-Animation Festival - Tunnel Of Love
A6. Fun In the Dark - (She's My) Vampire Girl
A7. Travels With My Amp - Bye Bye Brain

B1. Freaks On Parade - Freaks On Parade
B2. Go! Stories -Til Death Do Us Party
B3. Monster Club - 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me)
B4. Berry'd Alive- Trick Or Treat
B5. 99 Lives - 99 Lives
B6. Hurt And Alone (Haints) - Right About Now
B7. Battle of Wounded Heart (Haints) - Zombie Crush

C1. American Gothic - This Friend of Mine (feat. Kim Shattuck)
C2. Hanging Out - Stormy Weather
C3. The New Dark Ages - Supermodel (feat. Vic Ruggiero)
C4. Life Sentence - The Next In Line (feat. Kevin Seconds)
C5. I Bleed Rock N Roll - I Bleed Rock n Roll (feat. Dan Potthast)
C6. Fun In The Dark - Have Your Way With Me (feat. Accelerators)
C7. Kepi For Kids - Days That End In 'Y' (feat. Dog Party and David Houston)

D1. Kepi Goes Country - Fortune Teller (feat. Forest Pooky and Dog Party)
D2. Lost And Lovin' It - The Anchor Song (feat. Dan Potthast)
D3. Re-Animation Festival - Graveyard Girlfriend (feat. the Copyrights)
D4. After The Flood... - The Highwayman (feat. Vic Ruggiero)
D5. Full Moon Forever - Heroes
D6. Ramones In Love - 7-11
D7. New Song?