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RECORD STORE DAY 2013 > - Todo Muere Vol.3

Todo Muere Vol.3


Release Date: 4/20/2013
Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Sacred Bones Records
Quantity: 975
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Third installment of the Todo Muere series.“B-Minor” from The Men was recorded during their upstate New Moon sessions. “Ich Werde Sehen” is a German version of Moon Duo’s excellent I Can See. Psychic Ills remix a Föllakzoid song entitled “9”.  Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch give us a new version of their title track with vocals from Guy Blakeslee of Entrance Band.  Side B features a previously internet-only Zola Jesus cover of Rhianna’s “Diamonds”.  The Holydrug Couple cover the classic Serge Gainsbourg song “Je’taime…Moi Non Plus”. Also has a previously unreleased Wymond Miles track and a new demo from Case Studies.

1. The Men - B-Minor

2. Moon Duo - Ich Werde Sehen

3. Föllakzoid - 9 (Psychic Ills Remix)

4. Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - The Mystery of Heaven (Feat. Guy Blakeslee)

5. Zola Jesus - Diamonds  

6. The Holydrug Couple – Je t’aime...Moi Non Plus 

7. Wymond Miles - Living Yeshua

8. Case Studies - From Richard Brautigan