Record Store Day 2013 > KRS Cassette comp. - Kill Rock Stars: The Compilations: 3 Cassette Box Set

KRS Cassette comp.

Kill Rock Stars: The Compilations: 3 Cassette Box Set


Event: Record Store Day 2013
Release Date: 4/20/2013
Format: Cassette
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Quantity: 400
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


Triple cassette reissue of classic KRS cassette samplers that have been long out of print. Only 500 made.

Tape 1, Side a:
Girl Germs 1:45 Bratmobile
Loch Ness 2:17 Some Velvet Sidewalk
Don't Mix The Colors 1:48 Courtney Love
N.O.U. Cooking With Gas! 3:57 The Nation Of Ulysses
You Speak Jealously 3:14 Unwound
Narrow 3:09 Mecca Normal
Beeswax 2:47 Nirvana
My Red Self 3:48 Heavens To Betsy
Strong, Warm, And In Command 5:01 Steve Fisk

Tape 1, Side B:
Feels Blind 3:36 Bikini Kill
Reaper Song 1:41 Witchypoo
Ever Since My Accident 0:50 Melvins
Immediate Impound Zone 5:54 Infamous Menagerie
Make You Come 1:11 Kicking Giant
Everybody And Their Dog 1:32 Fitz of Depression
Red Dress 2:52 Jad Fair
8-Ball Deluxe 2:45 7 Year Bitch
I.O.U. 2:22 Kreviss
Don't Look At Me 3:29 Anonymous

Tape 2, Side A:
Supreme Nothing 2:17 Tiger Trap
Nutritious Treat 2:28 God Head Silo
Cheap Tragedies 2:56 Jack Acid
Speed Fortress 3:59 Tribe 8
Another Face 3:32 Versus
Nights X 9 1:38 Slant 6
Gauze 5:26 Karp
Camden Town Rain 3:20 Mary Lou Lord

Tape 2, Side B:
Come On 3:13 Calamity Jane
Hasbeen 2:23 Heroin
Hair 3:17 Adickdid
Sony Radio 2:49 Getaway Car
Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses 4:44 C-Wa
Whiteout 0:51 Bumblescrump
Mother's Little Helper 2:40 the cheesecakes
Bunnies 2:02 Pansy Division
Omnivore 1:19 Nikki McClure

Tape 3, Side a:
Horse Girl 0:51 Tourettes
M.P. Skulkers 2:53 Cupid Car Club
Megablot 4:01 Star Power
Pukulee & Rikulee 4:36 Boredoms
Puffin Stars 2:13 Helium w/The Bird Of Paradise
Stupid Crazy 2:35 The Spinanes
Seven 1:47 Team Dresch
We Are Not Your Entertainers 0:38 Mukilteo Fairies
Anatomically Correct 1:19 God Is My Co-Pilot
Rev 2:36 Severed Lethargy
Brixton 3:05 Rancid
Feed The Tree 1:54 Free Kitten

Tape 3, Side B:
Painfully Obvious 2:20 Universal Order Of Armageddon
Patty Coahuila 2:52 Teh Pee Chees
Roche Limit 4:00 Star Pimp
Don The Beachcomber 3:33 Pell Mell
Smog- 37 Pushups 2:18 Smog
Eskinaut 1:14 Star Sign Scorpio
North Pole 1:24 Hattifatteners
Pretty Polly 2:38 Grouse Mountain Skyride
Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller) 1:55 Fifth Column
Pusdog - Fleabag 4:32 Fleabag
I Wish I Was Him - Kathleen Anna 2:59