Event: Record Store Day 2013
Release Date: 4/20/2013
Format: LP
Label: Permanent Records
Quantity: 300
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


First domestic reissue of Australian group's debut LP.  "In 2012, Australia continues it's recent (the past 6-7 years anyway, beginning with the rise of Eddy Current Suppression Ring) trend of producing quality output and this album certainly doesn't let the standard slip!

Cuntz are four young Melbourne misfits playing a brand of sludge-y noise rock, whilst maintaining a clear punk ethos and "fuck you" attitude. A friend of mine recently described Cuntz as "evil". I hear Flipper-esque barbs in the lead singer Ben Mackie's delivery, whilst the sounds remind me of '80s Melbourne noise miscreants Venom P. Stinger. These young guys that make up Cuntz were not even born when these two bands were (originally) around. Topping it off, and my personal favourite distinguishing feature is the understated guitar shards behind it all, never over-bearing, but traces of the The Birthday Party abound. There's also some synth parts played on a few tracks, which only adds to the feelings of a down-trodden existence that I attempt to explain below.

Is it any coincidence then, with comparisons to Flipper, Venom P. Stinger and The Birthday Party, that the subject matter of Aloha seems to focus firmly on the seedier aspects of society and life in general? Tracks like opener "Homeless" with it's slacker vibe (a common theme present here) and downer tone is never more obvious than "Mate, I don't have a dollar/You just asked me 10 minutes ago/I don't have any spare change/Only to make a phone call?/Only to make a fucking phone call?!" Substance use and abuse is another common topic with "Over Again" (One more line and it's over again/Just another pill and it's over again), "Casual Drinker" (It's a career/Cheque or savings), "Meth" (Crystal methamphetamine/In my eyes and in my dreams) and "Yum Yum Yum" (I'm hungry/No money/Junkies and scum). Gambling addiction is also tackled in "Punt". Strangely, this whole downer and depressing assault on one's sense is brought up a notch by the silly antics apparent on album closer "Birthday".

Having supposedly already written the follow up album to 'Aloha' and from hearing those tracks in a live setting, I can already see the progression in songwriting by Cuntz. No doubt, once the second LP is released and comparisons to Total Control are made, folk will be scrambling to find a copy of this debut, but at just 300 vinyl copies pressed, I imagine those will be long gone..." - user snapstruly (

1.   Homeless 02:57       2.   Casual Drinker 01:48       3.   Over Again 01:45       4.   Lost 03:44       5.   Meth 02:35       6.   Yum Yum Yum 01:43       7.   Hip Hop 03:32       8.   Punt 04:40       9.   Hoonin' 01:19       10.   Insect Woman 03:16       11.   Mum 07:27       12.   Birthday 01:26