BLACK FRIDAY 2013 > The Replacements - All Shook Down

The Replacements

All Shook Down


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2013
Release Date: 11/29/2013
Format: LP
Label: ORG Music
Quantity: 3000
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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Rolling Stone's 1990 review of The Replacement's final album opened with the line, "America's best band is back where it belongs: the garage." Fast forward to 2013, when the band reunites for some long-awaited live shows. All Shook Down has now been remastered from original analog tapes, with a quality pressing it has never seen, giving new life to this classic LP for its first ever US release on vinyl.

1. "Merry Go Round" 2. "One Wink at a Time" 3. "Nobody" 4. "Bent Out of Shape" 5. "Sadly Beautiful" 6. "Someone Take The Wheel" 7. "When It Began" 8. "All Shook Down" 9. "Attitude" 10. "Happy Town" 11. "Torture" 12. "My Little Problem" 13. "The Last"

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