BLACK FRIDAY 2013 > - Zabriskie Point Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Zabriskie Point Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2013
Release Date: 11/29/2013
Format: LP
Label: Water Tower Music
Quantity: 4000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Long out of print soundtrack from the 1970 film by Italian director Michelangelo Anonioni, widely noted at the time for its setting in the late 1960s counter-culture of the United States. Some of the film's scenes were filmed on location at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley.  This expanded 2 LP version features four songs from both Jerry Garcia and Pink Floyd that did not appear on the original soundtrack release. 

Side 1: 1. "Heart Beat, Pig Meat"-Pink Floyd 2. "Brother Mary"- Kaleidoscope 3.  "Dark Star" (excerpt) - Grateful Dead 4."Crumbling Land" - Pink Floyd 5. "Tennessee Waltz" - Patti Page 6. "Sugar Babe" - The Youngbloods 7. "Love Scene" - Jerry Garcia 8. "I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again" - Roscoe Holcomb 9. "Mickey's Tune" - Kaleidoscope 10. "Dance of Death" - John Fahey 11. "Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up" - Pink FloydSide 2 1. "Love Scene Improvisations (Version 1)" - Jerry Garcia 2. "Love Scene Improvisations (Version 2)" - Jerry Garcia 3. "Love Scene Improvisations (Version 3)" - Jerry Garcia 4. "Love Scene Improvisations (Version 4)" - Jerry Garcia 5. "Country Song" - Pink Floyd 6. "Unknown Song" - Pink Floyd 7. "Love Scene (Version 6)" - Pink Floyd 8. "Love Scene (Version 4)" - Pink Floyd