RECORD STORE DAY 2015 > Fanfare Ciocarlia - G-Flux vs Fanfare Ciocarlia

Fanfare Ciocarlia

G-Flux vs Fanfare Ciocarlia


Release Date: 4/18/2015
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Electric Cowbell Recordings
Quantity: 375
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


Alili goes cumbia! Romania’s beloved Fanfare Ciocarlia vs G-Flux from Mexico! The Mexi-Balkan connection is nothing new. These two cultures have been dancing and partying together with a mutual love of mustaches, accordions, brass instruments, and oompah beats for over a hundred years now. Mariachi influences have always played a part in Balkan pop music and the Austro-Hungarian polka influence that descended into Mexico via Germanic immigration in the 19th century can still be heard today in tejano, conjunto, Tex-Mex, quebradita, banda, ranchera, and norteño music all over Mexico. Currently Mexico City is now once again embracing the brass-band folk of the Balkans. Producer G-Flux puts a spin on one of Fanfare Ciocarlia’s most recognizable songs, “Alili,” bring things full-circle. Available on super sexy licorice-black 7'' / 45 rpm vinyl only! Out on Brooklyn/DC-based Electric Cowbell Records on Record Store Day 2015. Strictly analog. No download. No streaming. Limited edition 375 copies.


Side A: "ALILI" - vocal Side B: "ALILI" - instrumental