RECORD STORE DAY 2015 > Brian May - The Day After Halloween (1980 Original Soundtrack)

Brian May

The Day After Halloween (1980 Original Soundtrack)


Release Date: 4/18/2015
Format: LP
Label: Xozmiq
Quantity: 500
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


XOZMIQ is a new Australian label dedicated to releasing the soundtracks of classic Ozploitation cinema, and presents three special and limited releases to coincide with Record Store Day, 2015.

We present official and fully remastered (from the original tapes) LP editions of the Brian May (Mad Max, Chain Reaction) scores for Patrick (1978), Thirst and The Day After Halloween (both 1979). 

With a dark orchestral undertone from May and his orchestra, they are magnificently creepy accompaniments to the screen, or late-night listens at home.

• Pressed on multi-coloured splatter wax
• Limited edition of 500 copies 


1. Opening Title Music, 2. Madeline's Theme-Pursued, 3. Angela's Decision, 4. Locked Out, 5. Darryl's Dilemma, 6. The Gay Disco, 7. Angela's Transformation, 8. Sans Chemisette, 9. Who's Sleeping In My Bed?, 10. Bermuda Cool (Madeline Makes Her Move), 11. Goodbye To Madeline, 12. Fright and Flight, 13. Danger! The Whippy Van, 14. Elma's Place, 15. Studio Fire, 16. Exit Darryl, 17. Closing Title Music