RECORD STORE DAY 2016 > John Renbourn - The Attic Tapes

John Renbourn

The Attic Tapes


Release Date: 4/16/2016
Label: World Music Network
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Lovingly mastered from old tapes found in a friend's attic, this is a vintage collection of previously unreleased rarities and early works by one of the guitar's truly great innovators. The Record Store Day edition features five vinyl-only tracks and sleeve notes written by John shortly before his death in March 2015.

1 Anji
2 Blues Run The Game
3 Picking Up The Sunshine (Feat. Beverley Martyn) (Live)
4 Candyman
5 Waltz (Live)
1 The Wildest Pig In Captivity
2 I Know My Babe (Live at Les Cousins)
3 Buffalo
4 National Seven (Live)
5 Come Back Baby (Feat. Beverley Martyn) (Live)
6 Plainsong (Live)
7 It Hurts Me Too (Feat. Mac MacLeod) (Alternative Take)
1 Judy (Live)
2 Beth's Blues (Live)
3 Cocaine (Feat. Mac MacLeod)
4 Courting Blues
5 Train Tune (Live)
6 Candyman (Live)
1 Rosslyn
2 Portland Town (Live)
3 It Hurts Me Too (Feat. Mac MacLeod)
4 Can't Keep From Crying (Live)
5 Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Feat. Davy Graham) (Live)
6 Blues Run The Game (Live)