RECORD STORE DAY 2016 > Goblin - La Via Della Droga (Original Soundtrack)


La Via Della Droga (Original Soundtrack)


Release Date: 4/16/2016
Format: LP
Label: BTF
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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This Record Store Day release is the first vinyl edition of this cult Goblin classic, pressed on WHITE colored wax, includes a previously unreleased bonus track. The term 'cult', in reference to artistic productions, can have two meanings: the first concerns those works that have become so famous by crossing the barriers of a specific genre of belonging and being part of a global culture, something that 'one can't be unaware of'; the second one refers to what was unjustly neglected at the time of its release, and that has only recently been rediscovered and re-evaluated by a small group of enthusiasts. In this second sense, "La via della droga" (mainly exported as "The Heroine Busters" or "Dealer Connection") is a totally cult film: a serious crime movie, coming out when (1977) the genre was already losing it at the expense of the cheaper 'Italian comedy', could not last long. And so it was, despite the presence of the actor David Hemmings, the same starring in"Deep Red". An even more cult item is Goblin's soundtrack, here in a 4-piece configuration (Simonetti / Morante / Pignatelli / Marangolo) immediately after the recording of "Suspiria" and keyboardist Guarini's resignation. It had been necessary to wait until the '90s for an official publication of those songs that remained completely unedited for over two decades. "La via della droga" comes out on AMS Records for the Record Store Day 2016. It's the first vinyl edition ever, with new artwork and a poster attached with reproductions of flyers and lobby cards of the film. The vinyl also, in white color, carries tracks that hadn't yet seen the light outside of the movie, for a total of over 34 cuts! In a few words: the most complete version ever released of this hidden gem.

Side A:

1.Tema, M1, M4, titoli di coda, completa

2.Hong Kong titoli di testa, M2

3.Cartagena, M3

4.L’arrivo dei corrieri, M5

5.L’appostamento, M6

6.Blitz in albergo, M7

7.Cappotto di droga, M8

8.Pestaggio, M9

9.Crisi d’astinenza, M10

10.Eroina, M11

11.Eroina, M11, versione inutilizzata

12.Abiezione / Evasione, M12+M13

13.Fabio e Mike, M14

14.Lesbo psichedelico, M15

15.Lesbo psichedelico, M15, inutilizzata

16.Caccia all’uomo, M16

17.Trasferta a Genova, M17

18.Rapina in gioielleria, M18

Side B:

19.La fine di Gillo e Vera, M19

20.La fine di Gillo e Vera, M19, inutilizzata

21.L’esca, M20

22.Palazzo di giustizia, M21

23.Sparatoria in Pretura, M22

24.Fuga in motocicletta, M23

25.Pedinamento 1, M24

26.Pedinamento 2, M25

27.Irruzione alla Chemical, M26 I/II

28.Corsa a perdifiato, M27

29.Nel cantiere, M28

30.Braccato, M29

31.Nel tunnel, M30

32.Motocross a Caracalla, M31, inut.

33.Duello aereo, M32, inutilizzata

34.Amsterdam - Hong Kong - Cartagena -

Roma - New York, M1-M4 versione film