RECORD STORE DAY 2016 > - Crooked Beat Records Presents: A Bang On The Ear

Crooked Beat Records Presents: A Bang On The Ear


Release Date: 4/16/2016
Format: LP
Label: Crooked Beat Records
Quantity: 700
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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Only 700 copies of this indie record label release will be made for Record Store Day, featuring three artists from Washington DC scene. Insurgence Da Capo, Don Zientara and Mobius Strip. 300 copies are on red vinyl and 400 are on black vinyl. All of the songs included here are exclusive to this compilation. Insurgence Da Capo, aka Insurgence DC, is a trio that been around since 1987. With a sonic and aggressive sound that has often been compared to the Clash, Ruts, Fugazi, and Husker Du insurgence DC has contributed 4 songs to this record. Mobius Strip is a DC based trio contributing 2 songs. Don Zientara is the owner and operator of the legendary Inner Ear Studio. Over the last 35 years he has recorded such artists as Fugazi, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Foo Fighters, Rites Of Spring and thousands of others.

Side A
Insurgence Dc- Not a Walk In The Park
Don Zientara- The Conversation
Mobius Strip-See Something-Say Something
Insurgence Dc -Hate On Plastic
Don Zientara-Mountain

Side B
Mobius Strip - Combination Answer
Insurgence Dc- Witness Without Protection
Don Zinetara-The Going
Insurgecne Dc- Secured Rebellion
Don Zientara- Get It On To You