BLACK FRIDAY 2016 > Porno For Pyros - Good God's Urge

Porno For Pyros

Good God's Urge


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2016
Release Date: 11/25/2016
Format: LP
Label: ORG Music
Quantity: 3000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Good God's Urge is the second and final release from Porno For Pyros, the Los Angeles-based alternative rock band featuring former Jane's Addiction members Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins. The album features performances by legendary bassists Mike Watt and Flea, as well as former Jane's Additiction guitarist Dave Navarro. The 1996 album was never released on vinyl, making this the first ever commercial pressing.

Track List
A1 "Porpoise Head", A2 "100 Ways", A3 "Tahitian Moon", A4 "Kimberly Austin", A5 "Thick Of It All"
B1 "Good God’s Urge", B2 "Wishing Well", B3 "Dogs Rule The Night", B4 "Freeway", B5 "Bali Eyes"