BLACK FRIDAY 2016 > Lil Yachty - Lil Boat

Lil Yachty

Lil Boat


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2016
Release Date: 11/25/2016
Format: LP
Label: Quality Control
Quantity: 2000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Lil Yachty and his whimsical brand of "boat music", along with his signature beaded red braids took the Internet and hip hop culture by storm with the introduction of the hit song "1 Night" and his debut mixtape named his alter ego, Lil Boat. It lead to Yachty being named "The Future of Hip Hop" by Esquire and selling out his first national headlining tour, aptly named "The Boat Show".

Track List
Side A - 1 "Intro", 2 "Wanna Be Us", 3 "Minnesota", 4 "Not My Bro", 5 "Interlude", 6 "Good Day", 7 "Up Next 2"
Side B - 1 "Never Switch Up", 2 "One Night", 3 "Out Late", 4 "Fucked Over", 5 "I’m Sorry", 6 "We Did It"