BLACK FRIDAY 2016 > Mark Van Hoen - The Last Flowers From The Darkness

Mark Van Hoen

The Last Flowers From The Darkness


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2016
Release Date: 11/25/2016
Label: Medical Records
Quantity: 900
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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In celebration of Record Store Day Black Friday, Medical Records presents another gem with an expanded reissue of The Last Flowers From The Darkness by Mr. Mark Van Hoen. Continuing our fascination with Mark’s works (see previous reissues of Seefeel Quique and Locust Morning Light on Medical), this 1997 album was originally released on Touch in CD format only. Van Hoen has a rich background under a plethora of monikers as well as a previous Seefeel collaborator. This particular collection is a compilation of tracks recorded during the 1992-1996 era of Mark’s intriguing musical career. Channeling a darker side similarly explored in Locust’s Weathered Well and Natural Composite, TLFFTD is composed of beautiful ambient techno, spacey loops, and well-designed soundscapes that are distinct to his style. The album is featured in its entirety (except for a minor edit of the last 23-minute track) but also features 20 minutes of bonus material that will keep you on the edge of your seat for both 2LPs. Remastered by Mark Van Hoen and presented on limited edition high quality double 160-gram classic vinyl. For fans of the wonderful catalog of Mark Van Hoen, Biosphere, early Autechre and early Aphex Twin.

Track List

Side A - 1. "1967", 2. "Another Light Casts It's Will", 3. "The Once Green Hill", 4. "Suggestions"
Side B - 1. "Night Sky Alternatives", 2. "Xenophobe", 3. "German Bight", 4. "Faeroes"
Side C - 1. "Vessel Of Flight", 2. "Channel Of Light", 3. "Dispelling 84-94", 4. "Automatic (0048 Only)"
Side D - 1. "A Glimmer Of Forgotten Ancestors"