BLACK FRIDAY 2016 > Steve Grossman - Some Shapes To Come

Steve Grossman

Some Shapes To Come


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2016
Release Date: 11/25/2016
Format: LP
Label: Tidal Waves Music
Quantity: 900
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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Reissue of this long out of print 1974 Jazz Fusion classic by Steve Grossman (best known for his saxophone performances & recordings with Miles Davis). Some Shapes to Come is an album you can stand up against almost any of the jazz fusion standouts of the '70s.

Track List
1. "WBAI" 2. "Haresah" 3. "Zulu Stomp" 4. "Extemporaneous Combustion" 5. "Alodian Mode" 6. "Pressure Point" 7. "The Sixth Sense"