BLACK FRIDAY 2016 > Billy Idol - BFI LIVE

Billy Idol



Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2016
Release Date: 11/25/2016
Format: 3 x LP
Label: BFI Records
Quantity: 1800
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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Billy Idol's greatest hits, live from his 2015 tour. This three LP set includes twelve classics and four tracks from his current album, recorded at various stops along the tour. Numbered limited edtion set for Record Store Day Black Friday. Digital will be released two weeks after Black Friday

Track List
Disc 1 / SIDE A 1 "Postcards From The Past (Live In Houston)"
Disc 1 / SIDE A 2 "Cradle Of Love (Live In Nashville)"
Disc 1 / SIDE A 3 "Can’t Break Me Down (Live in Nashville)"

Disc 1 / SIDE B 4 "Dancing With Myself (Live In Nashville)"
Disc 1 / SIDE B 5 "Flesh For Fantasy (Live in Dallas)"
Disc 1 / SIDE B 6 "Save Me Now (Live In Dallas)"

Disc 2 / SIDE C 7 "Ready Steady Go (Live In Vienna)"
Disc 2 / SIDE C 8 "Sweet Sixteen (Live In Odense)"
Disc 2 / SIDE C 9 "Eyes Without A Face (Live In Council Bluffs)"

Disc 2 / SIDE D 10 "LA Woman (Live In Portland)"
Disc 2 / SIDE D 11 "Dementia (Live In Morristown)"
Disc 2 / SIDE D 12 "Whiskey and Pills (Live In Vienna)"

Disc 3 / SIDE E 13 "Blue Highway (Live In Munich)"
Disc 3 / SIDE E 14 "Rebel Yell (Live In Atlanta)"

Disc 3 / SIDE F 15 "White Wedding (Live In Houston)"
Disc 3 / SIDE F 16 "Mony Mony (Live In Council Bluffs)"