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Beny More

Mexico & Cuba


Release Date: 4/22/2017
Label: Grosso! Recordings
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


Beny Moré is Cuba's favorite and most iconic vocalist whose influence was central to what we call salsa, a legacy still felt today. Beny occupies a unique position not only in the history of Cuba's music but also in the socio-political and cultural life of the island because despite major differences between detractors and believers in Castro's revolution, they can all agree he was the greatest sonero (improvising vocalist) of all, the original 'El Sonero Mayor'. Moré's appeal was, and remains, international, making him a trans-national ambassador of Caribbean Latin culture. Comes on 140g double viny in 350g cardboard, reverse side print sleeve. 

A1. Que Bueno Baila Usted (Son Montuno) (1957) A2. Santa Isabel de Las Lajas (Son Montuno) (1955) A3. Soy Campesino (Son Montuno) (1959) A4. Puntillita (Son Montuno) (1947) A5. Así Es La Humanidad (Guaracha) (1960) A6. Francisco Guayabal (Son Montuno) (1957) A7. Cómo fué (Bolero) (1952)
B1. Mi Saoco (Son Montuno) (1955) B2. Adios Palma Soriano (Mambo) (1952) B3. Las Mulatas Del Cha-Cha-Chá (Chá-Chá-Chá) (1955) B4. Rumberos De Ayer (Rhumba) (1954) B5. Se Te Cayó el Tabaco (Guaracha) (1959) B6. Pachito Eché (Mambo) (1949) B7. Devuélveme El Coco (Guaracha-Swing) (1953)
C1. Baila Mi Son (Son Montuno) (1954) C2. Elige Tú Que Canto Yo (Guaracha) (1957) C3. Oh, Vida! (Bolero) (1955) C4. De La Rumba Al ChaChaChá (Rhumba-Chá) (1955) C5. Mangolele (Mambo) (1947) C6. Bonito Y Sabroso (Mambo) (1950) C7. La Culebra (Mambo-Afro) (1951)
D1. Maracaibo Oriental (Son Montuno) (1958) D2. El Cañonero (Montuno-Chá) (1962) D3. Soy Del Monte (Son Montuno) (1954) D4. Mata Siguaraya (Afro) (1951) D5. Encantado De La Vida (Son Montuno) (1951) D6. Me Gusta Más El Son (Son Montuno) (1960) D7. Marianao (Mambo-Chá) (1956)