RECORD STORE DAY 2017 > Ike Reiko - You, Baby

Ike Reiko

You, Baby


Release Date: 4/22/2017
Format: LP / CD
Label: Bamboo
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release


This is the legendary Japanese "Pink Violence" album, Ike Reiko's You, Baby, aka Kôkotsu No Sekai, originally released in 1971. It is naïve jazz and pseudo spy theme movie music is all draped in a shroud of sexual shouts, screams, and coos from the clearly excited Reiko. "An unprecedented maelstrom of eroticism and sexual depravity. Ike's vocals breathe with an astonishing naturalness, dripping honeyed and golden-tongued into the ears with angelic ease." --Mutant Sounds     Limited edition, 180 gram green-colored vinyl; Hand-numbered sleeve; Includes CD.

A1. The Woman Cannot Help It A2. It Is This Twilight A3. Vertigo A4. It Stops The Rain A5. Dawn Scat A6. Wandering Guitar
B1. I'm A Woman Named B2. Rainy Day Blues B3. Love Slave B4. Experience B5. Angel B6. Chords Of Love