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Recutting The Crap


Release Date: 4/22/2017
Format: LP
Label: Crooked Beat Records
Quantity: 1000
Release type: RSD Limited Run / Regional Focus Release

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In 1984-85 The Clash toured the US and Europe to showcase several new songs. The tour was a tremendous success and people were very receptive and excited about the band's stripped-down sound with their new songs. The upcoming album was to be titled Out Of Control. So, most fans were shocked to hear the renamed album Cut The Crap which was released in the fall of 1985. Most of the album was unfinished with scratch vocals and mixed by the band's manager. Over the years many a Clash fan have always wished the album was properly redone and remixed. So finally, in 2017, it is finally being revisited by die hard Clash fans. They have recorded and contributed their versions of the songs from Cut The Crap as well as some songs that were from the Out Of Control demo sessions. This is Volume 1. Volume 2 with more songs form these sessions will be released later this year. This Record Store Day 2017 release will have 300 green and 700 black vinyl copies, randomly distributed.

LIMITED TO 1000: Green Colored Vinyl 300, Black Colored Vinyl 700
Includes authorized Joe Strummer interview segments

01 The Violets - Cool Under Heat 02 Scotch Bonnets - Are You Red..y 03 Dom Casual - Sex Mad Roar 04 Basenji - Dirty Punk 05 Insurgence DC - Three Card Trick 06 Geisha Hit Squad - Do It Now 07 Daly Combat - North & South 08 Winterdrinks - Play To Win 09 El Quatro - Fingerpoppin 10 Don Zientara - Galeani 11 Too Much Joy - We Are The Clash 12 Sussed Out - Backwoods Drive