BLACK FRIDAY 2017 > The Sundays - Static & Silence

The Sundays

Static & Silence


Event: BLACK FRIDAY 2017
Release Date: 11/24/2017
Format: LP
Label: Fugitive
Quantity: 2000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

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Acclaimed UK band The Sundays will release their third and final album Static & Silence, including the top ten hit "Summertime" for the first time on vinyl in the US market. Released excluslvely for Record Store Day's Black Friday, this 20th anniversary clear vinyl pressing is limited to 2000 copies.

1) Summertime  2) Homeward  3) Folk Song  4) She  5) When I'm Thinking About You  6)I Can't Wait  7) Cry  8) Another Flavour  9) Leave This City  10) Your Eyes  11) So Much  12) Monochrome