Located at 411 Spadina Ave in downtown Toronto, PLAY DE RECORD, for the past 22 years, has been THE MAD CRAZY HOT SPOT for the latest in underground music - hip-hop, funk, soul, drum n' bass, dubstep, house, jazz & ROCK. Originally geared almost exclusively towards djs and vinyl sales, Play De Record has evolved into a FANTASTIC ONE-STOP shop for music-lovers with vinyl, cds, music-related clothing & books, music software & hardware & equipment rentals. In February 2012, Play De Record launched the PLAY DE RECORD ACADEMY (PDRA) at the store - a CUTTING-EDGE LEARNING CENTRE teaching music production and dee-jaying - a great location promoting knowledge, inspiration and creativity for music lovers in Toronto. Please visit us if you're in the area - Play De Record - one of the LAST GREAT VINYL STORES left on EARTH! LONG LIVE VINYL!!