By far largest second hand vinyl shop in Croatia. Always around 30000 vinyl records in stock. At this address for last 13 years, but also existed on other addresses before. Owner of this shop has sell the records back in 80's and as Free Bird in 90's, when everyone wanted only CD's. We never gave up!


From rarities to cheapos. Definitely everything. Our records are well sorted, most of them has label with grade for it's condition. Famous in Zagreb for our constant actions and sales, where we often offer even from 40% to 70% discounts. Don't want to sound arrogant, but I don't believe that anyone who collects records in Zagreb and in whole Croatia don't know about us. Anyway, talking about directions, I would say that if you come from some other country and looking for rare Yugoslav releases of your favourite musicians/bands, we can offer a great choice anytime. The same is for Croatian and ex Yugoslav music, but also, as the number of items in our stock suggests for anything else. If you want to take as much as possible for your money, we are definitelly best choice. there are always more than 6000 LP's and 10000 7" & 12" singles and E.P.'s for less than $ 2.