Friends of Sound

1704 S Congress
Austin, TX 78704
United States of America

Phone: 512.447.1000

Friends of Sound has been in business here in Austin, Texas for 7 years. Our owner, David Haffner, decided that he was such a record fiend that he might as well leave a good radio job in the real world and start a record store. Tough we initially specialized in Haffner's funk and soul based DJ niche, we've made efforts to branch out to in order to make ourselves relevant to everyone, not just the DJs. Nowadays, we've got sections dedicated to soul, funk, jazz, classic rock, psych and prog, disco, international music, library, indie, punk, new wave, glam rock, lounge, classical, etc. Over the coming months, we're looking to branch out and get some good reissues and new titles into the store. We have a new manager who worked in a couple different record stores before and we're excited to expand on what's already been a good thing here in Austin!
Directions:Located in the alleyway immediately west of the South congress and Milton avenue intersection. Go west on Milton Avenue(from South Congress) until you get to the alleyway, go south through the alleyway (there are signs too) for 100 yeards or so and walk underneath the massive "Records" sign to your left and you're right there.