Iris Records

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We have served Jersey City's vinyl needs since 1996! Located in an old pharmacy in the middle of the old Italian section of JC, Iris Records started out as a 12" DJ and sampling (hiphop) store, also selling lots of vinyl to foreign dealers. As Jersey City has changed, we've changed a bit too. We now carry all genres of music (punk, funk, jazz, country etc) but also odd things like "Funky Quebec," soundbed records, children's vinyl, international oddities, spoken word and tons of NEW vinyl from everyone from Paul Simon and Bad Brains to Foxygen and Bon Iver. Let's just say that we are a work in progress...going on 20 years now. And who knows what's next???
Directions:Iris Records is located near exit 14C of the New Jersey Turnpike and is not far from the Holland Tunnel as well. You can also reach us by riding the PATH train and exiting at Grove Street...just a ten minute walk.