Vinylicious Records was established in Dec 2012. We are a dedicated independent store that sells only vinyl records and cassette tapes with vinyl being 90% and cassettes 10%. Our store carries vinyl titles from the 60's to the 2000's, Indie and all the way to the current artistes. Vinylicious Records ONLY promotes analogue music and no CD or other digital formats are sold in the store. We are fast becoming THE indie store in Singapore so much so we have people from nearby countries like Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam etc coming to buy Indie and current music. Vinylicious Records is manned by the owner and his wife themselves so the service they offer is very personal and friendly as the testimonials on the Facebook can attest to that.
Directions:Vinylicious Records aims to be a vinyl mecca in Singapore and also around the South East Asia region. Providing quality service and diverse vinyl titles and genres to the dedicated vinyl community here. We hope to cater RSD titles and limited editions to the people in this region as we are deprive of these good titles and limited pressings as none of the vinyl stores here is an established RSD store.