...the record store..ageapplace = fktp records. pork records dis

...the record store..ageapplace = fktp records. pork records dis

Asian Owned BIPOC Owned Black Owned Female Owned Latinx Owned LGBTQ+ Owned
950 cherry sweet 204s
Kent, OH 44240
United States of America

Phone: bed.beg.1.zag landlinecall llc
Fax: *text cd.jak.yfy-0*07 set appt. wifipass 2g5g palmwest935 if lost confused by locked don't knock session recording or early or way late or closed for good reasons or call llc again if it hits voice mail so differentiates door calls.
Email: porkrecords@yahoo.com


a standby fresh barely marked up or around cost if dust collecting for up to since it came out good but still available copy on standby for when we have time or want to open one and enjoy it fresh copy of new and maybe sometimes traded in as a favor or bin dug up from the past used gems but usually new releases and back catalog of the independent labels and artists that we support or have great respect for mostly listed online after a few months in shop exclusive for fktp and family of the music scene in this hidden away evolving mess of a kent friendly townie people welcoming art and music community center for middle aged to fresh to the stuck in ohio starving artists circle running, uphill boulder re-pushing, financially hamster wheeling for survival and supporting relief to find time for art and music therapy getaways for audio visual creation and lossless analogdigital documentation of the initial ideastreams that need to be captured and preserved for future evolving when resources are broken not compatable with new tech or just not able to figure those things out alone but genius in other appliable ways of the creative spectrum trading services for ours and building community and strength for each other in life and funded for its existence to barely remain always under attack by uncontrollable circumstances created by society, nature, the balance of good and evil, trial and error, too much genrosity, theft deception, intervention, depression, happiness, weather's nice let's go fly a kite and forget about that rich international dude and his buddy coming through we forgot to buy a day planeer to write down on or set a calendar reminder with a tube or something and a recordsafe cube bar for two to carry that would've funded us a year to buy a few more new complete stock copies of another indie label group or new clan to the game showing promise to support or by an online record store playing the game of a ten to twenty person outfit or amazon bounce house robot box sticker ai thingy on the verge of quitting his job and seek ing out the i of this message sole proprietor wanting retire but things happened ou t of order due to covid and regentrifing of a drinking town with a college in it again for arts and music community reboot so that used garbage there is no cash for and it is sticky garbage and sells but you can sell easily online and be hunted by the irs after the first 600 collected now digitally is fine if you got it for free but we basicallly operate as a bounce house for those of us that are nice enough to support our influences just to have to sell it to a corporate used shop in desperation to promote ourselves so we offer free trade agreements on used basically a storage hold or consignment for some cash or egually priced equipment or instrument trade sale or cash sales shop uppried for instant lazy digital life online to cover 8% discogs 3.9% paypal or credit services and .49c transaction fee and sales tax for most states and vat taxes on countries automatic except for a choice few and other over priced added in crap and fees or the post goofed or some idiot sent tapes in a paper bag and a used brick house of strong cardboard is free and safe same cost and where can i get just some groceries without an uber so during the highly profitable but easily ruined by one cold, two power brownout to blackout to two day outages and one idiot complaining to no reply on an unannounced return of a perfectly mint and as listed copy f a rer but shelf sitting goblin gem that came direct from the label to their u.s. distro that didn't have a cd sized 4 panel light paper poorly printed leftover expired to use recycling kinda project of a leftover mailorder form the label probaby just tossed in with every order and happened to be in a copy of the guy not the label or the creators listed on the wiki-pedia style of documentation site for record collecting that is an amazing community of like minded music lovers also with the opposing collector type of unused gems like killed for sport wall hangings of rare gems untouchable that makes your old favorite beat up copy of something unobtainable now once in every cheapo bin as a reduced or made store copy of an album passed out of its time and now some how hipsterized on the internet by the kid of some once in the know music junkie who could afford to keep their copy in hard times and not trade for gas depression in the age of cds and md to mp3s digital introduction that begged for garbage to be pressed into the overpriced oil by product of vinyl for bigger profit heavier and thicker and more wasteful instead of useful so we could make things more rare rare and collectible and sought after in times of frced solitude and isolation making that once owned gem online for 80-maybe 150 i probably will buy sell and trade for 8 to ten still in and out of the shop like always as the others seek the ways of the internet to raise the price of garbage and ruin the community making the artist suffer through the resale of an overpriced for profit piece instead of making an affordable independently supported worldwide masterpiece that's price still matches the times and the worth of the dollar it rode out on and has never lost quality worth or value in every set of hands it has touched and memory in the ears of those it has created a signatured secret key to unlock faded and lost memories over time associated and stored differently through age and plagued by life and struggle and age but that reliable spin and a magical quartz to lock in the sound at that exact 33 and a third or 45 or 78 rpms or 16 to make that memory come back and snap a person out of that daze or alzheimers or whatever and make the hairs on their body stand in praise of the sounds that made them who they were and kept us alive is stored and kept for here or findable by us or your local record guy who should do that to is closer and better so support your local shop this earthday/rsd and recycle your influences with your community shops when in need and buy new stuff direct if they do at shows on tour to support the artists you love direct and the new up and comers lain willy nilly until they ran out when hand assembling them as al shutting down anonline store (store shut down online a week before and after rsd from now on celebrating earth day) i dreamt of on long stair lengthened case in a high ceilinged uphill battle of an exercise routine needed to carry a trade in box of usually rejected garbage basement kid scratched ruined notaste go play with grandmas attic records instead of her false teeth inheritance pile or miscased pop cds from a bad time in music and yr life once owned by a teenage brat of an ex left behind to inside a probably not open for you if just randomly coming at a reasonable business time for a real person medicated to be normal and fueled by the mcd valu menu and prime time broadcast tv type of storage unit office and random businesses last stop when gentrified out of downtown and no clue what normal operating life styles of shops are anymore kind of building on a second floor that is here to support those bringing in useful garbage that is easily recycled and now sought aafter probably late 80s and up when vinyl was on the outs with cassettes in good condition any style because can mixtape over christmas music and wolf sounds from canada or greatest hits of zamphir and cream cheese and strawberry delights tree whatever anyday and put out refurb samplers and albums un recuts and noice metal tapes of garbage major label leftover single promo boxes anyday and yes wanted especialy if around 11.11 22.22 33.33 44.44 55.55 66.66 77.77 88.88.an99.99 and 101.101 and 111.111 able made cassettes... you do that math on the last two for those rare lengths of the 90 110 and 120 cdit tapes of the digi turn that were rare but common but hard to keep rolling on substandard meant for 30-45 min thinny style records with better on cassette high end co2 whatever dolby hybrid metal tape built for surviving needed abuse for steady good sound on generic tape decks with bass boost or 3band eq metal foil razor plates at the drugstore for less than ten or whatever if still new and unrotted by battery acid or just a decayed bet we want those for trade and frankenstein stereo boxes too to make crosley or energy efficient or retro pieces all in one highly powered or furniture pieces and cubes from our pile of recycled and this part is still goods ghetto modernized stereo maker piles. session one strts you missed it because timed for earth day projects and visitation... on the tracks porta studio cassette sampler project is rained out. now and rescheduled. bring in your guitars if you need help re electrifying later if we discussed that on this open house earth day rsd and we will be mildly open from 8am until 9pm soft closing until ten and if after 2pm i only have leftover old rsd gems unviewable if olnline store shut down but still at original rsd costs from the start if still new for you and not some guy being uppried on the internet. enjoy this beautiful day at hoe and spin your favorite record and i'll take in your garbage unwanted rsd trades as usual for the records you really wanted later today fairly if locally trained for life on the scene living everyday as record store day because it's not a holiday, it's a home a friend, a good influence and something you should always count on being for you to visit in person, welcoming, letting you know that some one out there gets you... because they took the time to take those deep rooted emotions nad feeling and did their best to put art and music to it and package it usually the best they could afford to and make t the best they could to let you know hey, on looks alone, somehow, just by look and a few choice words and ideas... this is the one. and a lot of times it is. somehow... or we just need it to be. that connection needed preserved and stored in time at a record storage facility near you. get off the internet now and support your local historians and librarians of culture you phone carrying hipster idiots thinking this shop is somehow in a japanese mix culture noodle schinese shopsomehow eight years gone gentrified out music venue with a record store init downtown... out skirts two up from 261 extraspacestorage bldg second floor from first side doors left center hallway up to 2nd floor end hallway on right, bring your own fridge if you want cold drinks or share one with another to use the coke or monster coolers... if there is a guitar music making or paint mess... help not make a bigger mess to uncurtain a section or move out old stock boxes... stress limit is 15 ata time and apt best decode calling protocalls above if late for open house earthday set up online ahead for local townies not college students. no sticky food no sticky movie kids no lookie lous no major label supports most newer new stock post covid gone pre monthrsd shoppers meant for rebuild. restock set for may of the regulars if all goes well and all are welcome for earth day . bring your partially working stereos and stuff for fix or trade in too $cashapp payments and free wi-fi for $porkrecords and cash or trade dollar for fee if gettinng only one thingy little to cover fee cost paypal qr ay scan i thinkat 2.2 credit and 7.5 ost around 10 more percent in shop but around10% less than online pre sales tax and shipping if shop reinitiated online soon.

not smack dab in the center of downtown kent next to smokin' tattooz anymore jampacked for amazing live shows of national and world touring projects of original works or art and music scenes from all genres of cultural influence and always getting well above ranges of unexpectation from the creative minds supporting independent music scenes coming through to share their ways with our world of musicians and bands also and a bunch of amazing rare enough to be still easily available if you just went to the source instead of middle men independently and minorly major and classic gems gone major type of records in an undersized dive bar dream or in some weird old townhouse set by a creepy masonic temple for living and storage quick pick up or odd rumaging a record store old guy acting like he is in a public store and not my apartment or dash and run rent a car canadian on business or is somebody watching me afraid of a camery guy or pay online and pick up by library like drugdeals afraid of the craiglistkiller people or in a barn built over a diner car train inbetween a bunch of carlots by a carlot for pickup with a diner car train built into it and bar with two cops highway and city both endsof a twenty five dui spot you soldallyour records to pay for the bad idea of an overpoured i can't count and talk shot of jameson to a non drinker first timer 21.5 i'm sorry guyon dui i stil have some of your trade ins and now almost out of town by 261 on cherry by mad cap brewery side street intersection there on cherry where you pay yr taxes now for city and water bill thingy place over where th storage place is and the rvs and stuff lot yeah there bck from the road you see to the side of 261 with storage garages the light on in the rapunzel loft upstairs is us or i. please come - mic outside door is for hellosomeone here if recording cash or device best for pay but have plenty of pcs too, art supplies, promo posters, stickers, cd samplers and instruments if needed or inspired somehow or needed on the spot or portarecorded... and importantly records and the things to play them... almost safe for aroud three pm to the public for second open time today posted so safe to post this right ? here comes the train to downtown if you heard it around 2.18pm this earthyrsd.