Record Store Day Pledge signed
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The Record Exchange is one of the oldest used brick & mortar record stores in the United States, founded in Salem, MA in 1974. 2019 marks our 45th Anniversary. We are and have always been a TRUE independent record (and music and other media) store! We don't have a website, but we do have an active Facebook page. We've been buying used & new records for 45 years, and we pay TOP cash prices for collections, estates & accumulations of high quality, excellent condition records. All our effort is put into maintaining a great brick and mortar record shop, with an eclectic, ever-changing selection of excellent condition used and new LPs offered at fair prices. Our BEST stuff is always in our shop! We also have a large selection of new and used CDs, and we sell new and used DVDs & Blu-rays as well. And although we’re passionate about music and vinyl, we love meeting people and connecting with our customers.
Directions:We are about 40 minutes NORTH of Boston, Massachusetts, easily accessible by COMMUTER RAIL TRAIN from North Station, Boston to Salem. By car, we are on ROUTE 114 EAST in downtown Salem, MA. Route 114 E in Massachusetts is easily reached by Route 1, Route 1A, Route 95 or Route 128. If you need help with directions, please call at 978-745-0777.