Record Store Day Pledge signed
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After working in a brick and mortar store, that once housed 36,000 CDs(now down to a few thousand), for 18 years, I decided to open up my own new vinyl record store, Records with Merritt. I am Marion Merritt. From a local band, Folkicide:"Two Folkicide records now available at Records with Merritt and I have to say that was my first time in there but damned if that was not an eclectic mix of fantastic records. I suspect my monies will drain into that operation in the very near future." Having been a programmer for community radio (the station was just listed in Paste Magazine as one of the top 10 community radio stations that you wish was in your town)for almost 10 years, I have developed a well-rounded music catalog, not only for myself, my old store, but, especially for my new store. I spend my days researching and listening to music, so I can be the filter for my customers. We carry, not only the new releases but, dig deep to find the re-issues that can help our customers add a great variety to their collections. We have Pop/Rock, Indie, Oldies, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Soundtracks, Hip-Hop, R&B, International, Reggae and Electronica. Are you looking for 1960s Pop music from Thailand? We have it. Want to explore the rhythms and sounds of the Philippine jungle tribes, we have it. Do you need Ye-ye for your weekend party, we have it. We want to help create the soundtracks of your life. Come and visit.