11th Street Records is a hub for music fans, vinyl collectors, musicians and their audiences. We love records. Everything about them. We buy them, sell them, trade them, and, in our in-store studio, record them. We believe record stores are important because of what they’ve meant to any music scene that ever meant anything to us. We seek to be a resource that engages both sides of the musical equation, artists and audiences alike. We are evangelists for vinyl, for what it provides to the listener, and for what it provides to the artists. We want to help sell records for independent labels and bands, and help independent bands make records. We support bands coming through town on tour, and do what we can to make sure they come back. We host vinyl listening parties, in-store performances, stream in-studio performances on our 11th Street Sessions webcast, and seek to do anything and everything we can to return the record store to its traditional, rightful place at the center of any thriving musical community. When you buy records at 11th Street you are part of those efforts, as well as supporting an industry of creative people producing art you can own and collect affordably, most of which is manufactured in the USA. There are lots of reasons to feel good about every vinyl record purchase you make, and there aren’t many things you can buy these days that deliver on so many levels.
Directions:11th Street Records is located at the corner of Fremont and 11th in Downtown Las Vegas, NV, 6 blocks east of Las Vegas Blvd and the world famous Fremont Street Experience.