RPM Records

RPM Records

629 1st Street
Brentwood, CA 94513
United States of America

Phone: 925.206.6815
Email: nightbrd@yahoo.com

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This record store carries all things rock and roll! Located in the small Eastern San Francisco Bay Area town of Brentwood, CA. Featuring catalog must-have classic vinyl as well as new pressings and more! Check us out. Your Head's Gonna Spin! Watch this for more background on the 18 year old owner who started it all: https://www.seeker.com/are-teenagers-keeping-vinyl-records-alive-1862002918.html

Off Highway 4 Bypass, take the Sand Creek Road exit, Sand Creek Road down to Brentwood Blvd and Turn right, go all the way down to Oak Street, turn left and onto 1st Street. Located inside A Vintage Wonderland mall.