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BlackPitt Streetshop & Record Store

BlackPitt Streetshop & Record Store

Mariánske Námestie 11
Žilina 02201
Slovak Republic

Phone: +421907422282

Hello, BlackPitt Streetshop started 20 years ago in Zilina as a clothing brand. As the shop grow the owner wanted to bring other interesting stuff into the shop. Be it music shirts, accessories, vinyls too. In february 2017 the shop got sold to me. I used to run a mail order site with vinyl records and a record label called Heavy Metal Vomit Party records for 4 years. My dream came true and when i saw the offer i immediately wrote to the owner that Im interested and bought the shop from him merging my mail order site and label with the shop. So here im doing what i like and what i know. Selling records. We do sell other stuff but main focus is vinyl records. We have 1 000 records in stock. Not to confuse people and not want to destroy a cult shop here in Zilina we didnt change the name of the shop we are now just adding the Record Store to the name of the shop. I know im writing a few days later after the due date but i hope we can participate in the future. If you have any other questions concerning other details let me know. Im happy to anwer all the questions. My company is owned just by myself.