We at El Discotecario offer a wide selection of new (original or 180) and specially used records (LPs 12” and 45s). We open to the on alternate or promoted Saturdays - at least once a month (after the hurricanes). We sell it as special events in order to get people more excited. We can garantee around 500 new selections for each event - offering more than 5,000 records always on site (plus 5,000 on storage). From $1. When we operated every Saturday (as an established “PopUp Shop” we received around 50 visits/clients and around 40 sales. Now, on our “event based” (alternate Saturdays) we receive around 100 plus visits/clients - 99% purchase rate of about 200 records. We celebrated 2018’s RSD (on RS and your honor) with music and local shops and received around 200 visits/clients from 12-6pm. Sold over 500 records. We have the biggest selection and variety in the island (as a store). Some collectors and music stores sell their records either from their home or on some small undedicated area at their shops. Other than that there is a small SPECs music store with around 100 records on display. We receive people from the whole island. And in the year we have been open - we have make our mark. People specially love our bargaining sale style - the more you shop the more you save - collectors and resellers love it (they save a lot of money in every sale and some win). Please let us know if our style of shop can count on your support (specially when our own clients keep suggesting us to join you!). Eventhough we and our clients have loved our style of shop (based on events or alternate Saturdays) we are considering a place inside the same place or building we are “established”. But, having so much success with our style, we would have to consider it... since we love to see people digging through our 30+ boxes, 20+ crates and 2-3 displays. Plus turntables (ion mostly) and accesories.
Directions:We are at the ILA Building - Lobby 1055 Ave. Kennedy. Between Sams Club and the Museum. Free parking available.