Record Store Day Pledge signed
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A new look, a new feel; an old fashion record shop in a whole new way. Come enjoy the vibe! Established July, 8th 2018 Vinyl Oasis is truly an "Oasis" waiting to quench your thirst for both new and used vinyl! In an age where digital media products still dominate, we still focus on vintage merchandise. This includes vinyl records, cassette tapes, concert T-shirts and much more. We have developed a unique viewpoint on these products, which seeks to create and propose new values. It's all about music & lifestyle! Everything on the Vinyl Oasis online record store is available for sale at our Ocala location. You can browse, hold, and handle any of the vinyl records, LPs, CDs, and other items we sell. And, just like our online record store, we add hundreds of new titles at the Ocala record store every week which means that every stop at Vinyl Oasis is worth your time because you'll always find lots of fresh music to browse! We're not one of those stale, old, dirty local record stores every visit will be enjoyable! Be sure to visit our world famous "Flip and Dig" discount vinyl section. Where you will find great titles for just .99 cents to $1.99. You can also sell your large or small collection of LPs, 45s, vinyl records, and CDs at our Ocala store during our regular business hours. We can always promise we'll buy your collection at the best possible price!