Record Store Day Pledge signed
Go here to find out about the pledge.

Smartpunk has opened our brick n mortar record store directly across the street from the University of Central Florida. We heard some 60,000 students went there, with no record store in sight for 10 miles in any direction. Began doing pop ups on campus, grabbed the attention of some students, then over the past year, amassed a following. The shop will act as a space dedicated to the vinyl music lover lifestyle, with events ranging from Smartpunk 101 classes on classic punk records, punk rock trivia, to in store performances, screenings, even improv comedy nights, cuz why the heck not.
Directions:Our lil record shop is gently tucked behind an Applebee’s on University Blvd, what we can only describe as prime real estate. 100 yards away from the college campus.