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Cinderblock People

Cinderblock People

300 W 142nd St
New York, NY 10030
United States of America

Phone: (646) 922-2136

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Uptown NYC's independent record shop with a carefully selected inventory of new & used jazz, soul, latin, world, hip hop, funk, rock, house, and techno. We have turntables and vinyl accessories for sale, too! What began in 2011 as a rooftop film & live performance series, morphed into cassette releases as the Cinderblock People label, and now a brick & mortar record shop serving uptown Manhattan and the Bronx. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we opened our doors in Harlem on August 19, 2017. We have 3 listening stations (2 turntables and 1 tape deck). Very important!
Directions:We're located in uptown Manhattan on 142nd street between Frederick Douglass Ave and Edgecombe Ave.