Cherilyn Tan, who has been running Vinyl Kakis (Facebook: @VinylKakis) at Excelsior Shopping Centre since December 2016, as a small independent record shop where such a nature promotes the owner's creativity (and freedom) in drawing its niche clientele. Vinyl Kakis, which stocks largely used vinyls across genres including retro pop, metal, experimental and more, prides itself on introducing "uncommonly common" music to its customers ('kakis', which is Malay language for 'friends').
Directions:In 2020, Vinyl Kakis wants to participate in RSD through offering and persuading our music customers with more varied selections, where taking chances on unfamiliar music that could possibly be life-changing as everybody has their own unique musical taste, where one with an open mind will invariably have a broaden horizon to know that music never discriminates.