Paradise City Records & Stuff

Paradise City Records & Stuff

5009 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
United States of America

Phone: 323.486.7887

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We belong to the cult of the bygone and worship at the feet of faded memories. We look at the shop kind of like a nerd heaven, filled with all the stuff we loved and have loved. Records, toys, graphic novels, VHS tapes, vintage tee shirts, old video games, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, and so on. We like music of many forms, many made for dancing. Be it Hip Hop, Soul, Disco, Funk, House, Italo, or Rock & Roll. We also believe in the benefits of a clear and calm mind. In those instances, we enjoy putting on an Ambient record or one of our large selection of Library Music LP's. We believe real life relationships and contributing to the community are important, so we welcome any and all to join us in this gathering of the minds to uplift our spirits from the exigencies of everyday life.