Record Store Day Pledge signed
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My Name is Tim Henry and I started the first Rainbow Records in 1986 in Monmouth, OR. During the 1990s the name changed to Music Brokers as "records" had been replaced by tapes and CDs. We closed our doors in 2006 when digital music replaced interest in most forms of physical media. Flash forward 15 years and 2021 found collecting and listening to vinyl records once again becoming a national obsession. So here we are - 35 Years Later - full circle - Rainbow Records - now in Albany, OR. We buy, sell, and trade new and used vinyl records including many new releases and 180 gram remastered rereleases. We also buy, sell and trade movies (4k, Blu-Ray, and DVD), music CDs and tapes, and vintage video games. T-Shirts, posters, incense, tapestries, handmade scarves, backpacks, bags, and other cool stuff is also on hand.