Record Store Day Pledge signed
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Paul's Boutique is a record store and an homage to The Beastie Boy's seminal album. The store's evolution has taken place over the last decade. The currently located store was opened in 2014 as New England Jukebox with Vernon Vintage Vinyl as a store within a store. During this time, Paul Cherubini, was not associated with the store other than as a customer. Paul was on a mission acquire as much collectible and great quality albums as possible. He excelled in his mission and suddenly had 30,000 albums in his “personal” collection. A couple twists of fate brought Paul and his business partner, Alex Tabb, to the purchase of the record store. Paul’s Boutique was opened October 1, 2021. We have a great selection of LPs, 45’s, 78’s as well as CDs, Cassettes and DVDs. “The Record Store” specializes in hard-to-find great quality titles as well as inexpensive to moderately expensive albums for the beginning collector to the dyed in the wool Audiophile. We are a staple of the music community in Vernon, CT and beyond. Our inventory has shipped throughout the U.S. as well as many countries overseas. We provide more than a retail store. Our community is full of like-minded people who come together to discuss their passion for music. A typical day will see “45 Brian” and “NRBQ Bob” squaring off to debate which recording of a specific tune is best with Brian, our record store manager, refereeing. Our online presence is currently through Facebook and Instagram as well as using eBay as a selling platform. Our website is being revamped right now and should be completed in late July. We also run an Auction Ninja presence.


We are conveniently located in Vernon Connecticut right off Interstate 84. If you are headed West on 84 the best exit to take is 67 while if Headed East please get off exit 64-65. The address of the store is 630 Talcottville Road Vernon CT 06066